Daniel's Dragon Parade

Dragon Parade

Back row, left to right

  • Big red Chinese dragon, made of more than 200 pieces of wood.
    This dragon has 5 toes, and his belly is covered with gold scales.
  • Red-nosed reindeer, from Nucleus.com. He flies.
  • A chess horse. He flies, too, and destroys anybody stupid enough to wait for him.

Middle row, left to right

  • Beanie Baby, a member of the Chinese Zodiac, but has no name.
  • Black Dragon with crystal.
  • Pewter Dragon with crytal.
    Both of these look like European dragons, yet the crystal is a Chinese idea.
  • Little glass Chinese dragon, sitting on a mirror, looks like the big red dragon, but black.
  • Rock Lizard from Colorado, looks like the real ones, including the scowl.

Front row, left to right

  • Turtle Dragon, made of pewter. He used to live in an amethest geode, but decided to travel, and eventualy joined the Dragon Parade.
  • Triple electron gun. Emits electrons for cyan, magenta, and yellow.