Daniel Cohen's Professional Resume

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Software Consulting Projects

Calgary, 2004 BNF for Java, Open Source Project, a Meta-Language Compiler Java Application
Calgary, 2000 Java Application Developer Chess for Java Applet
Calgary, 1999-2000 Instructor at SAIT, Java, C++, C Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Calgary, 1999 Instructor, C++ ICS, PPI, and Fifth Era
Calgary, 1999 Database Developer, Borland Paradox Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Rochester MN, 1998 Java Developer Consultant for IBM's "San Francisco Frameworks" project
Toronto, 1997 Canadian Payroll for Small Business Windows Application Developer
Toronto, 1996 Mark IV's Highway 407 Toll GateSystem Analyst Embedded System Module, ANSI C
Toronto, 1995 Unix Application Developer, BBx Mercedes-Benz Canada's Technician Recognition program
Canton Ohio, 1993 Unix Database Developer, BBx Camelot Music

In-House Applications Developer

Cassidy's Ltd

Application Developer, Toronto, l987-1992.

Factory Carpet Ltd

Application Developer, Toronto, 1986-1987.

Technology: Prime/OS with BBx/3

D & S Petroleum Consulting

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Calgary, 1983-1986.

As a Software Engineer for D & S's Geological Research team, I needed a converter to automatically translate their new "Geo" package from HP Basic to Vax Basic. To do this, I first created a compiler-compiler based on Bachus-Naur Format (BNF is still used today) which I wrote using VAX Macro-32 Assembler. I then used this BNF language to create the package converter. Third, I wrote the VAX versions of the library routines, such as database control, on-screen graphic diagrams, and plotter output. Finally, I supervised the conversion -- anybody could run it.

Technology: VAX Macro32 assembler, Basic-32, and Fortran-77, BNF

Corvec Systems Ltd.

Calgary, 1981-1983.

Technical support, and software engineer. Customers in retail stores, and development in the lab, using pre-PC desktops.

Technology: Z80 assembler

Fun projects for myself

From 1970 to Present (I'll never stop!)

Hardware Experience

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